Testimonial #7 – Rosie Easter

Testimonial #7

During my time at Hanover High School, numerous teachers helped me with my academics outside of regular class time. One of the most influential experiences I had working with a teacher aside from class time was during my junior year when I was preparing for the AP calculus exam. My teacher, Mrs. Veitch, always made sure that her students knew if they had questions, they could meet with her during her planning period in order to get extra help. As calculus was not my strong point, I met with Mrs. Veitch at least 10 times to get help. Thanks to her, I got a three on the AP exam and was able to get credit for two calculus classes at Virginia Tech. Without Mrs. Veitch’s assistance, I would not have been able to reach this goal.

The beginning of senior year was riddled with stress due to college essays and applications. I struggled for weeks with my essay and then I decided to meet with both Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Naughton to get help with my writing. Mrs. McMillan was my English teacher freshman year and I was her teacher’s assistant during my sophomore and junior years. Mrs. Naughton taught me AP English during my senior year. During their planning periods, these two phenomenal teachers were able to help me explain my ideas in essay form. I was exceedingly proud of the final product of my college essay, and so were they.

However, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Naughton, and I were not the only ones pleased with the final product. I got an email from an admissions counselor at the University of Pittsburgh thanking me for submitting my essay. She also said that they receive thousands of applications each year, but my essay “stood out among many.” This was only possible through the help of Mrs. McMillan and Mrs. Naughton. If my former teachers, along with other teachers of Hanover County, do not have planning periods next year, they will be unable to offer as much support and assistance to their students as they have in the past.

Thank you,

Elizabeth (Rosie) Easter


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