Testimonial #3 – R. Burch

Testimonial #3

Why my Algebra II classroom is outdated:

The Algebra II textbook that I use was printed in 2005. The Virginia Standards of Learning have been revised three times since 2005, with another major revision in 2012, and the book is severely outdated compared to the new standards. Because of this, most of the lesson plans, homework, and assessments I use to teach my students come from the updated website of Henrico County Public Schools, or I create my own.

My classroom also is lacking basic school necessities, such as chalk, dry erase markers, pencil sharpeners, desks that aren’t broken, graph paper, and many other basic day to day school supplies. I purchase these things out of my own pocket.

My school computer runs on Windows 2002 software. My overhead is a hand-me-down from Chickahominy Middle School, and when I went online to research when it was made, I couldn’t find it because the company doesn’t manufacture overheads any more. That’s really not the point since most up to date classrooms use document cameras and LCD projectors.

All of these factors—the outdated text book, inefficient supplies, old computer software and technology—require me to do the majority of planning and preparing on my own time outside of school, using my own funds to do so.

R. Burch, PHHS