Testimonial #2 – Sarah Bottorf

Testimonial #2

I certainly understand the complexities of budgeting. I am a single person caring for my aging parents who are both on fixed incomes. While I never thought that I would become rich teaching, I did think that I would be able to help young people go out make decisions that would help them become contributing members of their communities. Over the last few days, I have collected some thoughts on how my ability to do that will be jeopardized in the future if the proposed changes to the budget are implemented.

I am a coach of a Varsity sport for a high school in HanoverCounty. I have spent 6 years of my life promoting and teaching my sport. The sport was not played before I came to work for Hanover County Schools.

This past season will be my last if I am assigned another class for 2013-2014.

I simply will not have the time to dedicate to my students if I am coaching. I have been named District Coach of the Year 3 years in a row and was nominated for National Field Hockey Coach of the Year in 2011. We have alumni who have been recognized at the state level for their performance on the field and in the classroom. I know that I have an impact on my athletes, but the needs of my students come first. To go along with that, my involvement in any after school activities will also be limited as I will be forced to spend more of my own time grading, planning, and preparing activities for my classroom. That’s how this will impact the students. The opportunities for staff to interact with kids are what make the Hanover community so special. It is personal.

Time is the most valuable thing I have to give to these children.

It is ridiculous that people move to Hanover for our schools and yet we have the 2nd lowest per pupil funding in comparable samples!

This shows what a talented staff we have. We have done amazing things in the classroom with very few resources. That level of talent, at the corporate level, is rewarded, not bogged down with data reports to show that what is working is working. Now, I am not talking about a monetary reward, because most teachers do not do this job for the great pay—our time is valuable! Please treat us accordingly.

Let us teach and give us the time during our contract hours to give our students meaningful feedback and the attention they deserve. We deserve life, liberty, and happiness just like any other citizen of this country.


Sarah Bottorf


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