Example #8: Pat Pace

Dear Members of the Hanover County School Board,
My name is Pat Pace.  I believe you have heard from my son and daugher already!
After attending the budget planning session last Thursday evening, I realized how difficult a task you have, given what you have to work with financially.  I am distressed by what I am hearing and reading regarding the Hanover school budget.  I know you are pretty much at the mercy of the Board of Supervisors, so I first of all urge you to let the supervisors know how much the quality of Hanover County schools is being compromised.  No matter where you cut–buses, technology, teacher/pupil ratio, etc–the quality will suffer.
One measure that has been put forth that I agree with is the charge for playing sports.  The majority of Hanover families can afford to pay something and I support providing fees for students who cannot.
The one measure that I think is totally wrong is the addition of a sixth class to the teaching load of high school teachers.  I don’t know how many of you have been teachers, but I was back in the time I call BC–before children.  For those 5 classes, you are “on” every second of those classes.  It’s you with about 25 energetic teens, who, for the most part, want to be somewhere else.  You are heavily engaged even with study hall, lunchoom and other extra duties.  I can’t imagine adding another class.  And how would an 8-period day work?  Would the school day be lengthened? Or would all the classes lose valuable teaching time?
I feel that, bottom line, we cannot cut funds any further; more income needs to be provided for schools.  Plase do what you can to insure that my grandchildren will receive the same excellent education my children did in Hanover County.
Thank you for all you do for Hanover County schools.

Pat Pace


One thought on “Example #8: Pat Pace

  1. We really need to respond to the editorial in today’s RTD which TOTALLY missed the point related to the current censorship in Hanover Schools Classrooms.

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