Citizen Action

We would like to feature examples of citizen action in the form of letters to the editor, correspondence with Supervisors and School Board members, etc., so please send us information about what you have been doing to advocate for our schools and our community, send us links to your publications, and send us copies of your letters and public statements at

PLEASE NOTE: These letters represent the views and opinions of Hanover County stakeholders. FOHS does not fact check the comments made by private citizens.

Here are some practical tips for composing your letters and statements:

  • Keep it short. Our hope is that hundreds of citizens send letters and emails, so make sure that you are as concise as possible in your letter.
  • Cite specific facts and concerns. When publicly addressing or contacting local government figures, as much as possible, use specific evidence, data and anecdotes that support your concern or position. Make sure to disagree with or critique the policy and not the person.
  • Advocate but do so respectfully. Our School Board members and Supervisors are public servants. As such, it is important that they hear citizen concerns and policy endorsements, but such concerns and endorsements should be presented in a respectful way, even if in disagreement. Unless you have evidence indicating otherwise, assume good intentions.
  • Make sure your letters are polished. Proofread your writing for errors and clarity before sending—something that is carefully written has a greater chance of being published and taken seriously.

Click here for links to recent press coverage about the budget in Hanover County.


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